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Client acquisition expert
for brokers

Industry optimised, proven turnkey solution helps you to expand your client base and returns 15x the budget you spend on online marketing

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High converting, quality leads to generate new client deposits and grow cost-effectively your portfolio and profit

Quality leads

We need only 2 weeks with our laser focused targeting system, to deliver your sales team such conversion optimized, tested and proven leads, that finally brings you easy to close clients, who usually happy to send between 10,000 – 50,000 USD first deposit.

Active clients

In the brokerage industry to launch successful online campaigns and get results is not easy. It is especially not easy to bring actively trading clients. They account for a large percentage of trading volume. Our campaigns will attract more of this lucrative type of clients to multiple your profit.

You most likely know, that not all marketing are the same

Bad marketing
cost YOU
a lot

In the brokerage industry, most online marketing agency only burns your cash without getting any results.

You can spend a fortune for years and still

Average agency won’t work

Marketing campaigns can bring you a lot of clicks (visitors) and leads (registrations) but they are worthless if you cannot convert them into clients. It’s not surprising that most marketing agency only get very poor results in serving brokerage companies. They don’t understand this business. They usually use wrong messages to the wrong target audience, so they generate a lot of bad quality leads for a fortune. The result is only few or no new clients at all.

Don’t overspend on bad leads

Bad quality leads only occupy your sales force without results. This cost your company even more. The first price you pay is killing your sales guy’s spirit. The second you start to believe that online marketing is not working. Wrong! Just the opposite. In fact, accurately targeted campaigns not only dramatically shorten your sales process and accelarate client closing, but also increase the average deposit amounts. It is way more cost effective than the outdated cold calling telesales model … which days are counted anyway.

Our highest close is a 150,000 USD first deposit from ONLINE leads.

Our fastest close is a 25,000
USD first deposit … 2 days later

as the lead arrived the money was on the account. Same day call, but no prior contact with the client. No Canvas, no Anti-sale. Only Sale.

Just Closing from the first call.

Expensive and slow client acquisition will finally cost your business

Time is running out. There is a growing pressure to comply with new regulations and adjust your outdated and expensive sales model with a new, more effective approach:

Telesales with a modern twist

If you work with us


Less headaches

We will seamlessly manage the entire marketing process. You don’t need to spend endless hours meeting with us and explaining the industry. We up to date in the financial markets and the regulations. Experienced in closing clients in bull and bear markets. On top of that, we got results in many countries with successful campaigns, from planning to execution.

Quality leads

You will get industry optimized leads. It means, they coming from specificly targeted and prequalified audiences. This „filtration” steps help your sales people avoid (80% of the time) the two most common objections from the first call.

A – I am not interested
B – I don’t have money

More profits

Spend less make more. Reduce bad advertising which is only wasting your money and your sales people’s time. Close more clients and get bigger deposits with our result oriented method, which can greatly improve even a smaller, dedicated sales team’s performance by effectively converting quality leads into clients.

Bigger portfolio = more income

Proven turnkey solution for your client acquisition issues

Understanding your business first

To achieve your client aquisition goals, first we listen carefully. Coming from the same telesales broker background we know how important it is to understand your business. Our 15 points questionnare helps to do that. What is your sales procedure, your service, like robots, signals, retention, what CRM you use, how do you process incoming leads, what is the method of calling and closing clients, who are your ideal clients, small or large deposits? All question needs to be adressed to define the best approach.

Accurate targeting your best audience

60% of your campaigns success up to the right targeting. By using our services, your’re leveraging more than 3 years worth of performance data analysis and insights. With hundreds of hours fine tuning, we have a competitive edge to attracting the desired audiences. People who want to trade or invest. Let our team do the heavy lifting to implement accurate targeting which can raise your game even before your sales team make the first call.

Creating cut through the noise adds

To lauch smarter campaigns we have to cut through the noise. In order to do that we need specific wordings and creatives that attract attention. With our years of experience in online brokerage client acquisition, we already have an arsenal of tactics and tools, that tested and proven right. We know what works in this specific field but most importantly what does not, so we can eliminate wasted ad spending and optimize your budget for the best result.

Close collaboration for best results

Our goal is to get you clients not leads. High performing campaigns achieved trough close collaboration with your dedicated sales manager. Your feedback is immensly critical so we constantly use it to fine tuning the running ads. By monitoring the incoming leads quality and your sales results, we can quickly optimize any element of the campaign (audience, wordings, creative) weekly or even daily if necessary, to achieve the best possible outcome: low cost / client.

We have experience

Millions of dollars of client deposits
300+ sales people under management
14+ years in brokerage telesales
10+ years as IB or Tied agent
8+ years in online marketing
3 country with results

Full-service online marketing and digital strategy for your brokerage company to enhance your team’s sales performance

We would not be successful without our pro TEAM

Our Team

First we were successful brokers. Second we were successful IBs and Tied agents. But before we became experts in online client acquisition we learned a hard lesson from our own experience. After years of struggling with many not-industry specific marketing agencies (who were spending a fortune without results), we almost went broke … three times. So we learned for years on our own, how to do it right.

Our special know how

  • strategic thinking with our clients’ head
  • deep understanding of the financial markets
  • outstanding results in broker telesales
  • attracting the right audiences 
  • MiFID II compliant ads

We know all the above, so here to help you
increase your total fees.

We are located in Budapest Hungary but obviously speak fluent English and have working experience in UK, Lichtenstein, Croatia, Spain

By using Google Meet, Skype or Zoom, we can communicate and operate seamlessly with you team online, no matter what is your location

What matters LESS for us

First of all. Like you, we are more brokers than marketing guys. So we don’t get excited too much about the following metrics: reach, impressions, CTR (Click-Through Ratio). Because clicks and even conversions, still not increase your income. Only deposits do.

What matters MORE for us

We are much more interested in such data as CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) which measures in our language, how much a 10,000 USD deposit costs. And the ultimate metric is ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) in our industry it means, how much income 1 USD marketing spending generated.

At the end of the day only the
INCOME matters

After 3 years of development
our key statistics in 2020:
10,000 USD new client deposit cost: 487 USD
10,000 USD deposit with loads cost: 177 USD
1 USD marketing spending generated: 15 USD
How about your statistics?

Who is it not for?

If you don’t have at least one good and proven sales person

who can close the leads and converting them into clients, otherwise people won’t send you deposits

If you don’t have a good retention team or signal / robot

which can generate income from the deposits, it will be very difficult to make +ROI on your marketing spending

If you don’t have enough money (5.000 EUR / month

minimum) to spend on marketing, it will be very slowly going to make good results

Due to our Exclusive partnership policy You should NOT hesitate much

Only one partner in each country

We’re constantly evolving our business through new partnerships. However we believe that integrity in business is a priceless essential for success. We only offer our solution on a „one partner, one country” basis. We do not set competition to our partners. So hurry up before your rival takes the place on your market.

Supercharge your sales team to unstoppable

The sales industry has reached a turning point in the age of the customer. The days of aggressive sales pitches and traditional selling strategies are gone. In the modern business landscape, a deep understanding of your target market reigns supreme.

There’s one thing that successful sales teams have in common: they have thoroughly planned, regularly updated strategies. They also emphasize collaboration among sales and marketing teams. Together they can find out how to best communicate with their leads.

Salespeople with right trainings have significantly higher
close rates.

How about our industry veteran with 14 years of experience will train your team powerfull strategies, tricks and tactics to increase your bottom line. István has set up and run sales teams in multiple sizes (5-50 people) in multiple countries with exceptional record breaking results.

In our special free bonus he will
help you with:

  • sales stories that works best
  • complete sales pitch packages
  • best objection handelling practices
  • mental motivation and support
  • meta-communication rules

Be well prepared to handle the sales challenges that the industry has in store for you!

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